Clutter and clutter don't let you see things clearly. A touch of attention is required so that it is not a heavy burden for anyone to collect objects at home, and for that it is best to choose useful elements that do not always have to be kept in the closet. The obsession to have everything well kept in drawers, pantries and cupboards is common, although everything can be collected in a minimum space. Bags, necklaces, scarves, toys, belts and ties, elements so essential and of daily use, can be displayed in simple and comfortable coat hangers.

Everything hanging

According to the wall bracket, any add-on that you use regularly and that neither the light nor the accessory will damage can be left hanging on a rack. For those who believe in the practice of feng shui (oriental technique to maintain the harmonic environment) you should be careful with objects scattered on the floor and mountain of clothes on a chair.

Use hangers that allow you to have two uses, pants and skirts, plus jackets and blouses. It's space saving easy, fast and simple. Attached to the upper part of the door, without screws, you can install a mini-tray, hidden, basic, but very effective.

Inside the cabinet, transparent or glass boxes or drawers will allow you to quickly find what you are looking for. The ideal is to use a pull-out drawer for sweaters, T-shirts, underwear and socks, and even in this regard inside the drawer you can place small compartments that keep everything in order.

Toys and games

For a child everything is a reason for fun, so the time to keep them should be as special as taking them out.

Nets hanging from the ceiling like a beehive create spaces to put everything from construction files to story books, passing cars, balls and stuffed animals.

Stackable plastic boxes, which can even be stored under the bed, and mini-dressers on which, in addition, any toy finds its place at the top, are ideal for decorating and placing.

Kitchens and bathrooms

In kitchens, containers to separate recyclables are increasingly present. Stop accumulating bags on one side and on the other for containers, paper and organic waste. A set with three compartments will allow you to collect the garbage in just one point and then take it to the appropriate container.

If the jars of condiments are always spread out on the counter, it is best to have them in sight to use while cooking. With a metal container, you can find the solution; when it opens, small cells appear where fennel, pepper, cinnamon or turmeric can be placed.

A good bottom for bathroom drawers is a very practical option to accumulate from toilet paper to jars of gel, shampoo and cream. But there are always small details. Practical baskets facilitate the task of compartmentalizing the space. Easy to remove to clean and have everything we need on hand.

Don't let a small toilet prevent you from putting everything you need around it. Small supports on the walls will serve as magnificent supports to place baskets and have hand and face cream on hand. A small shelf from end to end will serve to place the soap or a small nail brush.

Don't give up, everything is a matter of organization and finding the right accessories.