The bedroom is usually one of the most cozy and comfortable parts of the house. A double bedroom is all of this and more, as it adds romanticism and a taste for two parts. Choosing the decoration can be super simple and according to each preference. We will show you how to add all your needs in a cozy and loving corner. Check out:

Two in one: bedroom and office

If you are part of that group of couples who like to work in the comfort of your bedroom, this option is great for both of you. With paintings, wooden coverings, upholstered furniture and good lighting, your room can become a room with two uses in an easy way. 

Bedroom with organized closet

When it comes to organization, this option is the most suitable. With a more rustic style of woods, earthy tones and glass details, the room gains an air of sophistication and comfort that the couple needs. The closet built into the wall enhances each space in the room and maintains proper organization for busy days.

Simple and bright

You chose the brightest part of the house to be the bedroom, right? The luminosity counts a lot for this type of decoration, which combines with clear, neutral items and a more spontaneous decoration. Large windows and natural light are the key part of the adornments, as they make the room more refined and highlight the furniture that makes up the room.

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