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When you need many seats, however, don’t have room for a lengthy three or four-seat sofa, a corner sofa can be the answer. They are ideal for a family to gather together and sit down in comfort, with plenty of area for everyone, plus guests. Arranged around a fashionable coffee table, they’re an extraordinary way to use space correctly and have the most comfort.

Another feature of the corner sofa is that it lets you have a well-deserved lie-down, without taking up the whole piece of furniture. Like the chaise corner sofa, some are designed to put your feet up and don’t have a backrest along the extension part, so do bear this in mind when you’re choosing a corner sofa.

You can also choose from our beautiful recliner corner sofa collection where they come with individual reclining seats. Pull the lever and not only does your seat lean back; however, a leg relaxation pops up from the front, for an entire world of relief and relaxation.

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