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A big, round swivel chair is another fun and modern take on the armchair. It’s designed for the ultimate in lounging, as you can sit upright, lie down or snuggle up, all in equal comfort. The fact that you can rotate it's a bonus.

When you think of a swivel chair, most of the time you think of an office, recently they have become the perfect choice for modern living rooms, home offices and bedrooms. It is perfect for the people that love to relax and an alternate to an armchair as they are easily directed into the position you desire, depending on what you are doing.

Our swivel chair collection also includes swivel recliners; they lean back when you push backwards, meaning you can recline whilst watching TV or want to relax. They are extremely well cushioned, making sure it gives you the ultimate comfort whether you are upright or reclined. You have the soft armrests and the range of soft, relaxing fabric options for extra comfort and let's not forget leather. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they also come with a matching footrest – which also swivels. Whether you put yours in your living room, conservatory or home office, they’re a joy to use.


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